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You have found your place to help you find solutions to your struggles, create the lifestyle you want and feel good about yourself!

Are You Overwhelmed by Challenges that Impede your Success or Derail Your Life?

Struggles in your career, your role or your life may have left you feeling stressed, depleted or burnt out.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

The demands placed on you by yourself or others are not manageable anymore and whatever you do, it never feels good enough. You have high aspirations for yourself and are a dedicated high performer, but life seems just not to come together for you right now. You are evaluating your career, where you stand and if you are missing out in life. Your career may not be developing as planned or does not give you the meaning and fulfilment you are looking for, which leads you to work more and push yourself harder – and yet, it still feels as if something is missing.

You may feel frustrated and doubt yourself. You may even feel overwhelmed by anxiety and disempowered by panic attacks that have become limiting or even paralysing and you may be wondering how to go on.

Your stress levels my constantly be high and you may lose self-confidence; you may even feel you can’t influence anything. You feel stuck. You may be lacking purpose and asking yourself what to do with your life. You may want to quit your job and do something more meaningful and less stressful but worry that you may not be able to find a job that is fulfilling while allowing you the lifestyle you desire.


Enjoy an Exciting and Successful Life.
Feel Good, Energised and Fulfilled.

Your life can be different. You can move towards how you want to live, and develop the work-life-balance that is right for you.

Every person’s experience is individual and every personal story is different, but moving forward can take you to a place that you thought you can’t get to.

For inspiration, imagine a day that might look like this…

As you stand on your balcony enjoying the morning sun you realise you have made great strides. You now consciously decide what you put on your agenda instead of scrambling with whatever your agenda puts onto you.

Imagine that as you walk into your office and sit down on your chair, you realise that your anxiety has gone and you feel very different. You lean back feeling calm and confident that you are taking the right actions.

Imagine, that while you shut down your laptop and grab your bag, you look back at your day with satisfaction. You have accomplished what you set out to do and are now heading off to the city for dinner and drinks with friends.

When you wind down your day and stretch out in your lounge enjoying a glass of wine (rather than needing one), you now relax although not everything has been completed.

Welcome To Turnaround

Hi, I’m Sabine and I’m here to help you deal with mental health challenges from stress to anxiety, panic attacks and burnout. My mission is to help you turn your life around from feeling stressed out, anxious, lost or unable to cope and get back on track to create the life you’re really excited about.
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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach with over twenty years of global experience in corporate life, I can relate first-hand to the experience and the context you may operate in. Been there, done that. I’ve had great roles, awful roles I wanted to run away from – and one that I actually did run away from.

I can relate to the strains and stress of feeling stuck, pushing for promotion trying to build a career, changing roles, changing jobs, moving countries, feeling ground down and ending up shattered at some point in the process – and then growing from there to build my exciting life that I love.…. because sitting in tears as a crying human heap I really can’t recommend!
While there is no silver bullet or magic wand to overnight turnaround and success in life, taking the first steps to building a well-structured path will help you get there.

People who work with me tell me that I’m compassionate, encouraging, honest, down to earth – and at times humorous.

A Bit About My Background

Originally from Austria, I packed up my life and moved to Australia in 2018. I am internationally trained in solution focused coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and a few other modalities with qualifications and experience from Europe, Australia, and the US. I offer Hypnotherapy to help with burnout, anxiety, and stress as well as Professional and Career Fulfilment Coaching in English and German.

My Specialties

A vibrant image featuring a woman standing confidently on a sandy beach, holding a surfboard behind her. She wears a wetsuit, with the sun illuminating her face and the crashing waves in the background. This empowering scene captures the essence of burnout recovery, symbolizing resilience, renewal, and finding balance.

Burnout Recovery

Bring joy and meaning back into your life to feel re-energised, more fulfilled and good about yourself.

A man sitting peacefully, wearing headphones and gently closing his eyes. He is fully engaged in his moment of tranquility, finding solace and relief from anxiety. The headphones imply he is likely listening to calming music or guided meditation, creating a sense of relaxation and mental well-being. This image represents the power of sound therapy for anxiety relief, as the man embraces a moment of serenity and inner peace.

Anxiety Relief

Stop panic attacks and resolve anxiety so that you can regain control, feel confident and be excited about life.

A woman with a serene expression leaning against a bridge railing, overlooking a tranquil river below. Her posture reflects a sense of relaxation and contemplation. The bridge symbolizes a connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. This image captures the essence of hypnotherapy for stress management, as the woman engages in a moment of self-reflection and mental well-being. The peaceful setting and her calm demeanor hint at the potential for harnessing the power of hypnotherapy to alleviate stress and achieve inner balance.

Stress Management

Get your life back, find focus and create a balance that gives you enough of everything.

In a workplace setting, a professional woman is depicted walking away from her desk with a box of personal belongings, while two colleagues observe her departure. Her expression reflects a mix of determination and relief, signifying a significant decision. This powerful image captures a pivotal moment of career transformation and emphasizes the importance of finding fulfillment in one's professional journey. It highlights the role of career fulfilment coaching in empowering individuals to make courageous choices aligned with their true passions and aspirations.

Career Fulfilment

Find and grow into a role you are really excited about so that you feel you are making a difference while having the lifestyle you want.

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